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The B.C.C. Bertram
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@The Back Country Connection
Morrilton, AR  USA Joined July 2008
The Back Country Connection is a band...sort of. We're actually an online creative platform working together toward combining our common talents into marketable projects and productions across multiple genres. That's a mouthful of words, though - so we just like to say that "The Back Country Connection is a band...sort of." We have an ever-growing number of writers and musicians and other industry-related talents working together cooperatively. And while our projects range from Country, to Pop, to Folk, to Rock, and beyond, we have collected and pooled together all of our Country productions on this site. We started BCC Global: The Back Country Connection in the summer of 2008 and we've seen an unbelieveable amount of growth in the time since. We saw over 40 songs produced within our first year alone and that number continues to sky rocket upwards - as of this updated writing, the number of productions in our public marketing folder has well exceeded 100 and it just keeps right on growing. And to date, we are either working with or have worked with singer/musician/producers in America (Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, California, Arizona, Kansas...), Ireland, Germany, Sweden, the U.K., South Africa, The Netherlands, Australia, and a few other places too. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us - we're always happy to make new friends :-) W. Ray Bertram BCC Global, co-founder