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andy wainwright
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essex, United Kingdom Joined June 2008
I'm not a "natural" musician, not learning to play until about 16. Had happy childhood enjoying sailing, trains and model cars. I love computers and gadgets, anything weird, kitsch and camp. As well as music, I work in IT and as a writer. I hate marketing and demographics, satelite TV, "lads mags" , rightwing politics and internet explorer 7. The first record I owned was "and then he kissed me" by The Crystals. I got into making music with schoolfriends Mark and Carl using ataris and drum machines to provide the noise. Since then I taught myself to play acoustic and bass guitars and keyboards. I even had a go at singing whilst at college. My musical specialisation is brass and string arrangement, a lot of it inspired by Stax records, Motown and Phil Spector. My favourite producers of pop are Lieber and Stoller, George Martin, Norman Whitfield, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Clivilles and Cole, and Stock Aitken Waterman. I'm a Rhythm & Blues fan and like most music from Duke Ellington to the Spice Girls, as well as English folk, classical, jazz and world music. My musical clock stopped in about 1998, as its all about fashion now (remember when fashion followed MUSIC not vice versa). Happily the internet has made more music available to the public, which is a good thing as commercial FM radio, music TV and the output of the major labels is universally shite. I ain't gonna fit into some advertising agent's stereotype- as MJ said "I ain't gonna spend life being a color