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Mike O'Neill
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Canada Joined May 2008
Hey Guy's!!! Waddup It's Your Boy, The Envy. I know Some of you have heard of me and there's some that haven't for those that haven't, I'm 25 Years old, and I'm From Steel City a.k.a. Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I've lived in Hamilton for 6 years but been in and outta here since 2001. I started Rapping in 2003 while incarcerated, it happened at a Youth Facility called TYAC (Toronto Youth Assessment Center) I was on a range called D-Block, and it was considered one of the toughest Youth range's and jail's in Toronto. I was In the middle Cell between two rival gangs known as The Bloods and The Crips. The Crips were on the left side of me and the Bloods were on the right (naturally) and they were battling each other back and forth it was like 1 am and I was tired so instead of yelling, losing my voice and trying to tell theses dudes to shut the fuck up, I started Rhyming (having never previously freestyle'd) came up with a few sick bars. Well it turn's out that everyone had heard my lil freestyle and actually thought for a white boy I could rhyme. So There you have it the truth behind why I started spitting. In 2005, I made my leap into the game fully. First just getting my name out there recording a few tracks just to get started, and it wasn't untill late 2006 early 2007 that I really started to feel the recognition of being a Rapper. In 2007 I met an individual with similar interests and we started our Companies, Million Enterprises Inc ©, Rogue Records Ltd ©, Thug Kingz Enter