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I really believe that that is true. Music is the media for urban youth. Most of all the information and knowledge we receive as a society is acquired through that art. What's in style at the time, who's buying what, who's shooting who, etc. It's unfortunate but it's true. What's also even more unfortunate is the fact that the main things our community is being fed is negative. Glorify drug dealing, criminal behavior, disrespect for the opposite sex, money, etc. is flooding the airwaves and music videos. Plus the one's making this ear pollution refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions. They hide behind the tired excuse of "I'm just rapping about what I been through and what I see." The truth of it all is that these "artists" don't care about anything but themselves. They will say whatever they are being told to say in order to continue living luxurious lifestyles that seem to have a time limit. Non-talented individuals are being handed a career which will only last them a few months. But the change must come from the listeners. The communities. US! We must demand better. Music can have the same emphasis as it always had but in a more uplifting way. Look around us and tell me that this is what all those before us died for. So we can rap about our cars and selling drugs while ignoring the real issues in life. The state of our communities. The treatment of our people. We are holding ourselves down. It's time we stop getting in our own ways.