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your, guess  USA Joined March 2008
snowflake improvisational emotional spiritual inspirational watery Christian bluesy singer/lyricist musician. natural gift. harmonies impeccable.
Ive been on soundclick for longer than since 2009 I got here in 2007.... had no traffic and then all of a sudden....people came..... I made good solid musical collaborations some in friendship.....and of my own music I have diversified....have covered many genres and my own atmospherique dramatique my own made up name for my stylings.
Spotlight Song
BROKE OPEN SOULS TREE and it rocks too immense
I did this digital artwork titled THE BROKE OPEN SOULS TREE and it told me a story and this is what came of it.
A lone willow tree called a souls tree is a contributer of flowers and a tributary to lovers but each time they make love beneath her she is broke open ...so she breaks open a little more and more and she goes free and lets go of her leaves shorn and leaves some branches taking only two for legs goes in search of a mate finds him breaks him open and grabs a long stem and attaches it making him her mate.....they find a place in the sun return to their remains and make a home and cleave.
Please do not begrudge my behavior Mar 12
PLEASE TAKE HEED OF WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY......PLEASE DO NOT BEGRUDGE ME FOR NOT BEING A CHRISTIAN MUSICIAN ARTIST....RIGHT NOW I HAVE TO FLOW......IN MY OWN LITTLE WAY SIFTING THROUGH SO MUCH EMOTION... I know some of you may think my recent transition to Christianity was a phase no quite the contrary.....I fall just like any human but I rise to the occasion and this Corona virus this is quite the occasion to rise.. I suggest merely at this time to consider the power that is part and parcel of the name of JESUS CHRIST just merely believing in his name which saves from death....please do not think Im thumping I care that we are safe from this Corona Virus on our lives in our life What I did was first rebuke the negative forces that conjure FEAR in us that cause dis ease among us....the enemy uses FEAR to rouse us from peace and faith in our lives......I sat and prayed first praising GOD for his mighty hand on this thing this pandemic his mighty hand only responds to faith Im afraid Ive found... WE NEED FAITH that a remedy is found......WE NEED FAITH that overrides the spread of FEAR...I know this is much to take in but I love you all..and I feel when two or more are gathered in Jesuss name we can pull together a FORCE from HIM from our prayer of faith and trust all it takes is believing... on his power a small miniscule little mustard seed will cast this mountain into the sea and raise the enrgy of LOVE to miraculous forces of Supernatural Healing to our planet...I prayed through adoring him cause He relentlessly pursues his CREATION to endow with HIS SONS ability to save us from negative energies.....Its so simple just believe..... just say I want to believe even if you don't have it in you that small step to accept him in your heart will assail energies negative....GOD exists.... this is when we need GOD the most in crisis....When I pray I plead the blood of the savior Jesus CHrist who alone saves from death.... he died for that reason... That beautiful being who came as Gods son took the keys to death and obliterated through his sacrifice of his body and blood and resurrected......in my estimation no one has the power to save but Jesus to grant eternal life... THen also when I pray I claim the need satisfied through him by thanking him already.... He is very real....Please consider in your heart what I am about to say......I love you and just belief could save humanity......Jesus saved me from demonic harm.... it happened in October of last year... it is why I am Christian....I reached a block a detour in my life......Im only saying these things because the powers of the air are not of GOD.....and I know GOD relentlessly is in pursuit of us all as his creation.....I thought two days ago please no more dogma I cant deal with the BIble..but when I sat to read ROMANS I found what I needed most to know... I tried exhausting every measure through even magic temptations because I use to have that kind of power....little did I know I was gravely deceived....so here I am humbled immense by the feeling I am left with.... yet I am a sinner.... I am not perfect.....I lust I swear I even despise and even longed for temptation to be fulfilled......no more I sit at the mercy of GOD asking his MERCY to fall on humanity and this Corona virus to be eradicated obliterated soon by GODs hand..... through my humility and embarrassment....GOD go with us all. beleivers and unbeleivers alike.