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paul grimwood
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@the brook
United Kingdom Joined March 2008
hi my names paul,I write melodic songs,some are sad songs.
The Last Walk Jan 13, 2018
It is COLDthis lone Wolf is finally home,only it is not home anymore. Now ,I have another place to haunt,or should I say, IT haunts me, in a breathtaking beautiful way. In this winter forest, I used to know every rock and every tree .I still do ,because nothing has changed...only me. Not so many years ago, I was the king here a Wolf without a crown. Plenty of people got lost here.I lead them to the edge of the forest.They saw their dreams and ran towards them.None of them beckoned for me to follow,why would they?,I was not a part of their dreams. There is a brook that flows through the winter forest,I shall walk upstream.There will be no sign that says..ICE COLD TEARS ONLY. Now,but not for long..it was summer again.The guardian of the Wolf ,looked down from the sky.He knew the Wolf had little energy left.It had been a long..LAST WALK.There was nothing the guardian of the wolf could do,except.. watch. The Wolf was on the little bridge. He saw the Wolf pick up two sticks in his mouth one slightly shorter than the other.He dropped them into the water.Then slowly walked to the other side. "Wonder if he finally guessed right"?..thought the guardian of the Wolf.He smiled.