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STONE MOUNTAIN, GA  USA Joined February 2008
#atl Worldfamous dj Internet genius #Atl Founder of @TWEETERHAM sales at @pavegen one third of @ROADTORICHESDJs http://RTRMG.Com djmondoent.com www.facebook.com/djmondoent www.youtube.com/djmondo08 www.twitter.com/djmondoent www.soundclick.com/djmondoent
MY BIO Jun 25, 2013
My name is Almando Mcfadden I am 21 years old I am A Yung Authentic Voisturous Monstracity of Muzik & Entertainment * Artist/Songwriter Extraordinaire !!! founder of https://smarterhiphop.com just a brief back ground off myself . I have had a love of music since I was born I always loved music every since I can remember! I started loving music in the church learning to play the drums.When I was 14 was old I was introduced to FL Studio its a great producer software on pc. I was so happy I thought it was a miracle! I thought that because I couldn't afford beat machines or MPC's but with FL Studio all you had to have was a pc and it didnt matter if it was new and fancy as long as it had a enough memory to run the program It later inspired me to make a homemade Studio I used my moms desktop and my bed closet for a booth (lol) "laugh out load" . I also hook up my keyboard to my pc so that it could record with my beats on FLStudio after I learned FL Studio for a long while I Started to vocal recording then I started to learn how to edit mix and master new music. I started throwing parties and Djing and Mc as a teen. At the age of 19 I went to school for Network cabling specialist at Earl C. Clements Jobs Corps Morganfield, Ky I learn how to work with music as well on campus there was a music room for those who loved music! I would hook up a Triton Phantom keyboard to a mix board then hook it up to my laptop I would make beats mix song recordings and samples. while in school I just focused on working on my craft and making better music for 3 years even if I didn't have the best of the best I always used what I had as a musical weapon.