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@Emmy Lou
United Kingdom Joined February 2008
Hi i love writing poetry,doing paintings,drawing and digital art, I have a want and need to help in any way I can , I believe in God and Jesus, as well as the Angels and all things of a spiritual nature, I believe that all people are inherently kind and pure, they just have to choose to be so, one of my greatest wishes is to see one of my poems set to music. as well as to be able to sing and play the piano.
peace love hope.... Feb 9, 2011
https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSingingArtist2010?feature=mhum When your back is against the wall... And there is no doors.... Sorry for all that has happened Always feeling pushed aside... When all is lost... And you have seen one thing to much! You will act as if a fire has been ignited in your soul..... Over the years you put up with things, Forever being the underdog.... Loving others till it hurts you.... It will eventually make you one of those few.... Feeling like you can't take no more... Everything falling down... Until that day.... Never looking back.... Tongues of fire imbue your soul... Igniting a passion inside you Love ignites the passiion within Longing to make things right... Open to the newness of life Vanity forgotten eternity reigns forevermore Waking up once again Always in the arms of love Kissing the new day Eternity is you Silence is all around Years you wait till that day... Opening you, to everything you can do Undoing the lies of the past..... Unity is in that moment Purity is what you have found so when you see ones who are lost Overt your eyes, not.... When that time comes you will know He sneaks up when you least expect it Eternity in a moment... Now forever more Home is in your heart Everything is in you Centering yourself on now Opening yourself to the all Making you whole and true Emerging you with the one.... Secrets not lost but found Living in you Igniting you Firing your soul Enlivening you Balancing you Engaging you Generating Love Inside out Never leaving Souls alive.......