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Karen Newman
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Boise, ID  USA Joined December 2007
I bought Anne Feeney's "Unionmaid" CD from the AFL-CIO website, and I have been a fan ever since. In celebration of finishing my degree at the National Labor College, I attended the Northwest Labor Arts Festival in Portland, where I first met Anne. I love her CDs, but I enjoy her music even better in person. I jumped at the chance to go to Ireland with her on one of her three tours in 2008. Each tour accomodates up to 20 Feeney Fans, and includes Irish history, music, sight seeing, ground transportation, lodging, some meals, and performances by Anne! Check her web site for current information on her gigs and activities: http://annefeeney.com
Raving Beauty Commentary...sort of Jan 26, 2008
I broke a toothe on my way to work Tuesday. I was eating a sandwich and I heard a snap and noticed a lump in what I was chewing. It was a crown with a cantelever attatched. It broke off right at the gum line.Between my dentist's schedule, and the Dispatch office, I couldn't get in to fix it until Thursday. THREE HOURS in the dentist office! The tooth broke on a sandwich, but the root had to be chipped out. I was inhaling the nitrous oxide as deeply as posible. Then he started explaining my 'OPTIONS.' He wants to let the hole fill in for three or four months, then he plans to drill two holes into the bone and put metal shafts in there. Then wait a few more months for the bone to grow back and seal them in place. After they are in there solid, he wants to attatch a crown to each shatf. These are called "implants." There is no freakin' way in hell I am going to tell any of my coworkers that I need "implants." The receptionist called to tell me it would be $6,000. I was drugged, and my mouth was bleeding and she woke me up with that news. Must have been good drugs, because I thought the news was pretty funny. I asked if he could do one with another cantelever, and I insist on calling it a replacement crown. And I will call the insurance company. The receptionist said that they wouldn't cover anything except the two implants...Uh-HUH... Anne sings a song called Raving Beauty about a woman who refused to carve her body into what men consider desireable. I heard it today and thought of the implants. I am sure this is not what the song was efering to, but it appealed to my sense of the ironic. Implants. Good Grief.