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Kyle Dumigan
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@musical kage
United Kingdom Joined December 2007
Hey, I'm a 21 year old composer, though I haven't actually come out with many finished pieces. I tend to make a lot of tests, etc, that don't really turn into anything. I have one final piece up on here, that you may like, and it blends synth sounds with piano. Its from my album Synpianical which I wish to have finished as soon as possible, though this is the only finished song for it. The first piece on here is called Mood Synth, and written using various free VST synths, and a program called Renoise, that some of you may be familiar with. (For some reason, it uploaded slower...) The second song is only a demo at the moment, but its in the works. Its only in its intro stage, and is 3 minutes long! I'm a self taught keyboardist, but I'm hoping to get lessons soon to learn to sight read, etc, and gain some new knowledge on how music comes together.