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dairon Skye
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Lawrence, MA  USA Joined October 2007
Dairon Skye is back and S.Exier than ever – we must add! The artist that once wooed audiences with his four-octave range about surviving through love’s trials is now turning into a respectable sex symbol in his own right and playing by his own rules. Now at the ripe age of 25, Dairon is still working as an independent force but has grasped onto the reality of his career and has paved a path of whom he wants to reach with his music. With his latest release, “S.Ex: Spontaneously Exposed” due out later this year, Dairon takes his audience through the aftermath of his debut, “Suffocatin’ My Heart From Loving”. “I remember waking up and feeling sexy again after the hurt had faded and I had accepted what had happened. I wanted to go out and live the nightlife. I think that we all go through that phase in our lives until you find the one. This album reflects that period.” With the new installment of happiness, Dairon has changed his approach in music where he has now fused his RnB roots with Dancehall, Pop, Reaggeaton, and Hip-Hop which now he can now display his dance training and offer the full out performance that his followers have been waiting for. “Right when I released the first album, I knew that I had made a mistake as I was very selfish wanting to create an album about myself – I didn’t think about the marketing until it was complete and in today’s day of music, your live performance is what sells records.”