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Russia Joined September 2007
ANNA C. NOVA IS COMING TO AMERICA! Anna C. Nova, Russian singer, songwriter, performer and producer (who has been called “the best and most famous producer of the international level in Russia”) is a household name in her hometown of Saratov, Russia, (an old city of two million, on the Volga, 400 miles southeast of Moscow and 200 miles north of Volgograd, whose climate resembles Chicago’s) where her artists regularly perform to standing ovations, win music competitions, and receive half-page articles in the local paper. What is unique about the bilingual Nova is that she writes and sings music in English, and her style is international, not traditional Russian. She also performs electronic music and makes recordings with her artists at her own award-winning studio in Saratov, near the apartment where she has always lived, and shares with her mother and seven cats. Her first CD, Paradise, which she sings herself, received attention from noted producers Luis Rodriguez and Dieter Bohlen in Germany, and was 1st on the “Music in Demand” chart in Germany in 2002 for 16 weeks (Britney Spears was #8!). Nova quickly attracted other young artists and wrote and produced and recorded music to help them launch their careers. She is now introducing them online!
Hit pop songs and music productions with hip hop, rock, dance, classical touchs from professional songwriters and music producers. In the vains of Briteny Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Conor, Avrile Lavigne, Celine Dion, Blue System, Dieter Bohlen. Visit www.soundclick.com/annacnova