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John Ganimead
Ambiance, FL  USA Joined September 2003
My Music
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Oct 19, 2020
Hello, Looking for beats? https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=980023
Jun 11, 2013
Dear my brother John, How are you? Is healed heart to your music. Thank you as always. To genius John Have a great week!
Apr 18, 2013
Hi!! Just came through to say hello!! Hope everything┬┤s fine by you, keep going on my freind, and Cheers to you. :) -Spin-
Apr 07, 2013
listen to you now i reloaded 1 version of a song have 26 versions of this 1, but , i think they are blocking me lol! may be not , try . blessings to you , playing you now
Apr 07, 2013
Dec 21, 2012
HAPPY HOLIDAYS JOHN, It was a GREAT year in music.....Many More to you ! JON
Aug 24, 2012
oOh JJ, your #2 Japan track is so very beautiful and I only really had to work the last 19 secs. personally I think you should go with this one. plz give my regards to everyone there! Love, Hugs ~Cora~
Aug 18, 2012
Thanks John for stopping by...It is really good to hear from you. Appreciate the nice comments...Al
Mar 05, 2012
Sent you a friend request. I am quite flattered by your kind words. Thank you so much!
Mar 04, 2012
hi John i hope you and yours are well . i like the autoplay track you have on here at the moment ,, outer space !! . love and peaces , Rodge .