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@O-KEY of Hound House Prod.
Oklahoma City, OK  USA Joined September 2007
Sup yall the name is O-KEY out of Oklahoma City but in the Military right now. I grew up just as most kids with single mothers and bad environment do Aint no need to go into that we all herd it B4. The only thing that save me was my fathers mother Mrs. Olivia Powers R.I.P. I hope its more people out there like her, but enough of that. As of right now I just do the fam thang wifie kids you know wat I'm talk'n bout. As far as music goes I gotta give thanks to my dude Catch22 and Snooty for trusting and beleaving in me. "GOOD LOOK DAWG" with out them I wouldn't know half the things I know bout this ART OF SOUND HaHa. We all love listening and makin music. So lets network people!!