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Jason Himmelberger
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USA Joined August 2007
JHIMM is the self produced crossover progressive rock project of multi-instrumentalist Jason HIMMELBERGER from New Haven, Connecticut. Jason has been writing and recording for nearly 25 years. He has performed with the Connecticut based progressive rock band CRUCIBLE and has acted as session musician for the Brazilian band DR. SIN, fronted by vocalist Michael VASCERA. Jason describes his writing style as modern melodic progressive, finding influence from contemporary artists while paying tribute to the great prog bands of the past. Jason's music and contact info can be found at http://jhimm.bandcamp.com/ and https://soundcloud.com/jhimm. Jason thanks you for your interest and appreciates your support for independent progressive artists.
Two Free Albums!! Sep 1, 2009
Hi folks, I put two of my older concept albums up for free download. One Against the World(2002) and Regrets(2005). One Against the World was my first attempt at creating one whole album with a coherent musical theme and I've been attempting to write this way ever since. These two albums are not necessarily conceptual in that they tell a story, but more musically themed and I am very proud of the ideas contained within them. I'm not necessarily proud of the production value of either but both were definitely learning experiences for me. One day I hope to recreate both pieces of music with the production value they deserve. What pain that's going to be. Like I said, both albums are free to download so if you find any entertainment value whatsoever within them, feel free to grab a copy for your collection. This one is on me. Thanks, Jay