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Looney TIC
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Los Angeles, CA  USA Joined August 2007
LOONEY-T.I.C. AKA MR. I BEEN DOIN' THIS BIOGRAPHY: Nowadays , everybody wants to be a Rap star . Everyone wants their song on the radio. But no one has a purpose for WHY they want what they want. Hunger & drive only gets you so far in life without purpose. Talent will get you a little further. But knowing hat you want & stiving for it is the ultimate accomplishment! Looney-T.I.C. has what it takes with talent , Hunger , & a purpose in life & in music.Looney-T.I.C.s purpose is to educate & preserve the Hip Hop Culture through Music , Telivision , Theater , & through Literature. Originally from Compton California (Home Of West Coast Gangsta Rap Legends , NWA) , Looney-T.I.C. Made himself popular In Los Angeles through competing at local rap /dance Showcases & Battles in the early 90s.From these showcases , Looney-T.I.C. Began to recieve offers to perform for music videos & TV shows , most notibally Soul Train & House Party 2.From there Looney-T.I.C. has performed on almost every type of musical platform From The Grammy & Latin Grammy Awards to The Soul Train Music Awards , The American Music Awards , & Star Search , & has been a backup Dancer or hypeman for such artist as , Mary J Blige , Whitney Houston , Destinys Child , Will Smith , Celia Cruz , Busta Rhymes , Ciara , Ginuwine , Snoop Dogg , Warren G , Heavy D , CeCe Peniston , Tatyana Ali , Brandy , Ray J , & Dr.Dre , & has performed in Movies House Party 2 , A Class Act , Sister Act 2 , Addams Family Values , Only The Strong , & I Got The Hookup. Now Looney-T.I.C. is ready to step into the spotlight on his own with his brand new Record Label/Entertainment Company InfiniT.I.C. Music Group / BeatRush Entertainment (www.infiniticmusicgroup.com , www.sonicbids.com/infinitic) , & his Debut Album , Dr.Looney & Mr.T.I.C. Spittin raw Hip Hop lyrics over West Coast party based beats & givin a good live performance is what its all about , & thats what Looney-T.I.C. is here to bring to the world of entertainment. "Im an entertainer , not a gangsta , a pimp , or a killer.I am a true entertainer from the streets of Compton, & I've been groomed to the business of music.I know how to give you hits & how to give a good performance & thats what I've coome to do to do. The first single "Comptons Finest" is an anthem for his city that he feels get little respect nowadays.So he put his first song as an ode to what brought him into Hip Hop in the first place. "HeartBreak" is the second single , & that is sure to be a Valentines Day Massacre! "Extacy/Getdown" are two club Bangers that you will be wantin the DJ to spin back for hours! Looney-T.I.C. has music featured on Moesha , & The Parkers , & he also has music on BASS PATROL 2000 & 2001 mixtapes , distributed though Japan , Europe , Germany , & Australia , Freakazoid Ent. OFFICIAL Mixtape , Global University Album by his group HEADRush Coalition (google it) , BURN EM DOWN , a single Looney-T.I.C. performed with Pupa Don & PT Rome on HMBC Music Group , JiJi Sweets KING DAY 07 Mixtape , & Compton Gutter Underground Mixtape Vol.4 coming soon. Looney-T.I.C. has established various businesses such as Just Groove Dance Tour & Workshops , Clubhopperz TV(www.youtube.com/clubhopperz) , Ones & Twos DJ Festivals , Railroad Recording & Rehersal Studio , BEATRush Entertainment , The Teamsterz Production Company , Steps Ahead Artist Development ,& various Concerts & events he will be promoting in the upcoming years to establish InfiniT.I.C. Music Group as a legitimate Label So be prepared for InfiniT.I.C. Music Group , & The BOSS of the Record Label ...Looney-T.I.C. AKA MR.T.I.C. TO ALL YOU YOUNGSTAS!!! ~~~OUT NOW FROM THE I.M.G~~~~LOONEY-T.I.C DR. LOONEY & MR.TIC THE ALBUM~~~~SLEEPER HOLD THE MIX TAPE VOL.1~~~INFINIT.I.C MUSIC GROUP~~~BEST OF BOTH COAST THE MIX TAPE VOL.1 ~~~Featuring Looney-T.I.C. , Jade , Papa Smerf , , Ike B. , & more! Production by The Movement , DJ Big Kap , Eat Em Up ,Slick 23 , & Looney-T.I.C. Out Now!!! With singles Best Of Both C