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Chad Holland
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Orem, UT  USA Joined August 2007
So how's it going all!! Wave Pool is the name I have decided to give my music. Though the name brings images to mind of the water park, bikinis, farmer tans, arm floaties etc, that's not what I mean. And even though the album title my brother suggested when he first heard what I was going to call my band was hilarious, "we don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in our pool!" The name is referring to something grander :) So though thoughts of the water park brings to mind fond memories pf laughing with friends, googling at the girls, frying in the sun, and riding the waves...that's not what Wave Pool is in reference too. The name Wave Pool is meant to represent sound waves pooled together in a way that captures emotion and expresses pieces of life. ;) So a little while back I recruited my good friend Jared that I've known since summer camp of 5th grade, who became an incredible drummer, to join me in working on my music to record. And it just so happened that he knew a great bass player that we recruited to join in on the fun and lay down some awesome bass lines. So we have been working on my music and just released our debut album! :) I'm really excited and look forward to sharing it with you guys and getting your feedback!!! I'm having a blast getting to know people on here, and hearing other artists’ music! There's some great music on here!