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england, United Kingdom Joined August 2007
Im An Indian Girl, From The UK, Im Known As A joker, But A Serious Person When Need To Be, Get On With People Fairly Well. XxX if yu want ne lyrics dat r on the blog or want me to make you any email me on: deziangel@live.co.uk http://www.myspace.com/da123123
music - 2 verses draft Oct 4, 2010
music hello how are you, been a while since i spoke to you, you been good, i see you moved on since the last time we spoke, back then it was missy elliot u wanna blow, no wi see they got soulja's , joes, and plenty new hoes, funny how quick things change u know, since then i grew up a bit, but still feel like an insecure kid, so i thought i pay yolu a visit, maybe u could get me confident, i spoke my pain to u all the time, dont knwo how u lasted hearing my mind, we shouldnt have gone our seperate ways, my fault- but we can start jammin again in these new days, the new music, new sound, i will my best and maybe i can make u proud, maybe we will work together and shine, finally make this relationship intertwine, associate myself by calling myself music, and music, u will be known my by name, people will recognise how good we sound together, be top gun in the game, i remember the songs i wrote, about tears, pain, no-love, all at 12 years old, fuck me, i never realised how fucked up i was, and then i found u and in u i put my trust, those words i wrote to u i only ever spoke, like a secret, i spoke it to u as a code, this meant that and that meant this, and to this day no1s ever known that shh, cant believe 8 years on, im still broke, broke in the heart, and i still have false hope, still as predictable as ever and givin up at the first hurdle, still keep my head down and in life i struggle, still my family shit on me, and now they've started leanin on me, givin them nearly my every penny, and still they fail to respect me, what do i do music, past couple years i started to loose it, got kicked outa 2 colleges, lied to get to uni, came back after a week cus wasnt accepted by the community, all my happyness lies with u music, so how the fuck do we do this,