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Gregory valentine
seymour, tn  USA Joined July 2007
God,Family,Songwriting guitarch882000@yahoo.com
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Dec 06, 2020
Hi Gregory, Just uploaded some new songs, check them out when you can. God Bless you and yours...Murphy
Oct 14, 2013
check your messages old man!!!!
Apr 06, 2013
Hey Greg!!! was sitting here, and thought I'd better check your new songs out...I really liked the song: The one you really need. Liked the lyrics and the tune ,,,sorry for posting on here but unable to post the other way.......So000000000000000000!!!! Why don't you fix it HAHA...Keep writing you have a great way with it.....friends Always Brenda
Oct 09, 2012
Hey Greg, love the new songs ...I commented about getting to go to the Shindig on the Green in Asheville N.C friend Mark Kuykendall @ Also I saw Bobby Hicks , Marks Friend too, both were bluegrass boys with the late Bill Monroe..I think you need to sing your songs there its a great place to meet everyone.....and you just have to sign up ,,,Great Place......for musicians and song writers ......goes on for I think three months....God Bless ...Keep writing
Nov 26, 2011
That last song Ocean of People was amazing....That has to be the best one yet....God Bless.......
Dec 02, 2010
Hi Greg. Just dropped by to check out your new music. Sounds like you have been at it a bit lately. Glad to hear you are still making time to produce memorable material. Oh and thx for the note on my cover tune. You might be surprised to know that your music inspired me to begin the process of polishing up my playing to record my material with just my guitar backing. Much harder than planned lol Take Care. Thanks for the music. Mark
Dec 28, 2008
Hi Greg, :) I hope all's well with you and you had a great Christmas. I'm wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and successful 2009. Peace and love Hayley
Nov 10, 2008
Hi Greg Stopped in to listen to a few.Really enjoyed I've Done Alright.Liked the combinitation of good lyrics,lonley flattop,and nice harmonies.Everything seemed to fit like a glove.Nice work! Laurel
Oct 17, 2008
Hey Greg, Thanks for the comment, I do everything myself and it means alot to get good feedback. I'm trying to get my song "The Feeling Inside" to #1 on the rock charts so if you know anyone else who may enjoy it please pass it on to them. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and keep me posted on how you're doing! -Tyler
Jun 10, 2008
Hi Greg Listened to Whipped,Where Would That Get Me,and I'd Rather.All good tunes.You come up with some neat ides to write about.Whipped was especially a cool concept.On,Where Would That Get Me,as soon as you started singing,I immediatly thought"Roger Miller",lol.Man your voice on that one, and I''d Rather,both,reminds me of Roger Miller.Sounds like you been keep'in busy.Lot of people have been slack'in off alot latley.Keep them new tunes com'in. Laurel