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David Briggs
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United Kingdom Joined July 2007
Musician, Artist and Dreamer.
I play guitars . . . electric, acoustic and bass. I also play rudimentary keyboards, harmonica, and sing as best as I can From the time I joined Soundclick in 2007, I have always used Adobe Audition 1.5 (formerly Cool Edit) for my recordings...direct from a Pod version 2.0. Since my recent change over from Windows 7 to Windows10 (August 2019) my ancient DAW is no longer functioning as it used to. So, I've reluctantly been forced to change how I record my music from now on . Very soon, I'll be recording on an excellent piece 'hardware' rather than via a computer software programme... this is not as backward move as it may at first appear. I'll be recording via a stand alone Zoom R24 Audio Workstation. and I'll also be using a computer based DAW to add extra magic to the music. All the music that I create by myself, goes by the name of Major Snagg, The music I co-create, with my sometime musical collaborator, Tony Webster, goes under the name of Big Sleep. The Lykes Of Wytch, is my imaginary 'Psychedelic' band. Originals, plus 'classic' and 'fabulously obscure' covers. My own 'Psychedelic Nuggetts' imaginarium. The Valiant B's, is the name of the music I found harder to put a label on ! Acoustic, Ambient and other 'experimental creations' live here. . . Recordings made for the now closed, Coconut Blues Club.
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Slow Blues in G (Pacifica 612V)
Jamming along with a ready made bluesbacking track with my Yamaha Pacifica 612V. Using a clean setting on the Line 6 Pod (2.0). A mixture of clean licks and a little bit of slide. I've recordings of this using a dirtier tone...but this is my fav.
Harmonicas...Hohner Blues Harp or Hohner Marine Band May 29, 2019 Mood: inquisitive
Which harmonica do you prefer to use...I'm just referring to the Hohner brand here...but another brand might be your prersonal fave...so, is it a Hohner Blues Harp or a Hohner Marine Band ? I can't make a balanced judgement, as I've only (so far) used Hohner 'Blues Harps'. Marine Band and Blues Harps are the same price in the Uk about 25 or so. My most recent replacement is a Hohner Blues Harp (MS) in the key of D...to play blues in the key of A. Yep, one thing you must remember if you're going to blow harmonica for blues tunes, is that you use a harmonica in a totally different key. So, for a blues in 'G'... you'd need a harp in 'C' and so on.