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Tom Tripp
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Kansas  USA Joined September 2003
I am a Storyteller, Song/Story Writer, Web designer, a Father, a Son, a Brother. I guess I wear many hats but the hat I wear the best is Friend. I want to thank those who had touched my life over the year of 2007. I want to thank all the artiest who allows me to play their music on my Sound Click stations , like the ones that are playing on this profile page now. I want to say thank you to everyone who had submitted poems/stories and songs for me to record. I want to say thank you to those who had co-written with me and the radio stations around the world for giving some of my songs/stories air play. I want to thank family, friends and fans for their faith in me. Most of all I want to thank my God, with out Him I could do nothing at ALL. "The footprints you leave behind today , may be the trail your children will follow tomorrow". Tom Tripp