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Bill Mooney
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@space elation
Staten Island, NY  USA Joined June 2007
Space Elation was a fusion rock jazz band formed by myself Bill Mooney, Chaz H and Klaus L. We were all part of a music change back in the 80s that was taking its course through Seattle Wa. All three of us were from New York and picking up some quality musician's from the Seattle area we formed Space Elation. Going through the ups and downs of band commitment, and gigging, we did pretty good. We played the local bar circuit. Some of our better gigs we did were the Seattle Center and the city an state colleges in a 100 mile limit around Seattle. Fast forward to the now. I relocated to New York and Chaz who I'm still in touch with and who is a fantastic drummer and percussionist still lives in Seattle. We are working on putting some new songs together. The magic of the Internet. What is on this site is original demo songs I wrote and still working on. I've been working with a drum machine and multi track software that I have on my computer. What I'm looking for here is feed back and the possibility of meeting musicians to have a meeting of the minds of music. .. I've listen to so much music over the years I believe it all has had an influence on my playing. One person who I'd like to give credit to is Don Mock from Seattle WA. I first saw Don and his band at the Seattle Center in the late 70s. His guitar playing was just fantastic. Dishing out fast smooth fusion licks he captured your ears. I was one of the lucky ones in Seattle at the time I was able to get 10 lesson