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Gary Pyles Jr
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Cincinnati, OH  USA Joined June 2007
At the age of seven, Gary Pyles Jr, better know in the studio as, Beatrayal heard his first hip hop track and was instantly drawn in by the rhythm patterns and instruments. Coming from a background where both of his parents loved music he naturally loved the rhythm and the melodies. He seemed to have a strong passion for hip hop that he knew would grow into a career in the industry one day. Growing up in rural community in Dry Ridge, Kentucky there wasn’t many people listening to hip hop, but he never allowed this to interfere with his goals in music. His parents were together until he was about fourteen years old, and then they split up. He stayed with his dad until moving out and eventually settling down with his wife and daughter. Despite an up and down life he is now producing music fulltime and recording while studying audio video production at Cincinnati State and raising his two daughters. He says, “I’m lucky to even find time to produce music, but when I do I make sure every track is hot!”