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Mary Sylvia Hines
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@mary hines -songwriter
TX  USA Joined May 2007
I am a songwriter, poet, and an author. I write a variety of various types of songs ; country, country gospel, rock... I've even written a few rap songs. I am an Artist, as well, as in hand painting/drawing and digital graphics. I also write short stories and am getting close to finishing a 45+ chapter novel (at last count it was over 20,000 wds...it started out as just a 10-15 page short story, until the characters seemed to take on a life of their own,lol) I like to dabble in enhancing films/videos of mine and other's when I get spare time....I like working with music videos, mostly. 'The Wailing Wall'..c95msh Lyrics by Mary Sylvia Hines..Music & Vocals by Bob Hausler...You can listen to more of Bob's music at www.myspace.com/BobHausler or www.jamwave.com/BobHausler Please check out 'Make-Up and a Smile' ...Lyrics by Bob Hausler ..Vocal by Patty Hammett You can listen to more of Patty Hammett's music here at soundclick... www.soundclick.com/hopeyoulovemymusic