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I'm a 24 year old adult male. Originally from Lanham/Baltimore, Maryland. Now residing in Spotsylvania, Virginia. I'm hoping you like this idea and I'm going to keep this, in mind whenever I'm making a new friend and trying to find out, if this friendship REALLY a friendship or nothing but a FAKE! Note: all those who into $$$ wise, LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, RACISM/DISCRIMINATION, all of above... do take note that I do I have a strong Heart and feelings, so If you're into these... don't waste my time, okay? I'm dead serious about this!! ALSO- IF YOU'RE UNDER 18 OR LYING ABOUT YOUR AGE TO OVER 18, PLEASE EXIT THIS WEBPAGE IMMEDIATELY!!! FURTHER MORE, I LIKE MY PAGE, THE WAY IT IS! ANYONE DISLIKES IT... THEN VIEW SOME OTHER PAGE ELSEWHERE!!!! NEW NEWS- RECENTLY GOT MY OWN APARTMENT TO LIVE IN NOW. WORKING OUT GOOD AND IF YOU WANT, TO SEND YOUR CONGRATULATIONS TO ME, ON MY ACCOMPISHMENTS... I'D DEEPLY APPRECIATE IT! MY HEROES- GOD (FIRST AND ALWAYS); My mom, aunt, my grandparents, Martin Luther King, Jr. & Coretta Scott King; Rosa Parks, my friends- Ann Black, DeAnna Hamn, Kristin Payne, Janel Ayers, Virginia Dickerson & M'Shai Abdul-Majid!