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Gruthiage Thornberry
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Burton, MI  USA Joined March 2007
Professional Bassist of many genres of music. I dig Fusion, Funk, Soul, Rock, Jazz and HipHop...just about anything, if it grooves! Currently Leader/Bassist/Composer/MD of a HOTT R&B band called FUNKILINIUM. Six piece with lead vocals and, we carry a phenomenal DJ with us from time to time. FUNKILINIUM has just released a Tight CD that can be heard and/or purchased at CDBaby.com/FUNKILINIUM. We've been compared to Stevie Wonder meets The Isley Brothers meet Earth Wind & Fire meets Mint Condition! Check us out! Just formed a phenomenal improvisational fusion/funk trio called The Fffellaz, that is made up of 3 FUNKILINIUM members, Boone on Keys, Chef on Drums and myself on bass. And, since we're the main singers of FUNKILINIUM, we, sometimes, do some R&B stuff as well. It's the greatest gig. We never practice, are chops improve every gig, we get paid, and most of all, people dig it... Just recently helped a great friend form a rock project called NuRokSol. We were winners of a record label contest in August 2006, and we're lookin' forward to burnin' up stages everywhere!!! Just finished recording a cd with The Roger Jones Trio. Imagine Chick Corea Trio (electric style) goin' to church! Tight fusion with a gospel vibe, with piano, bass & drums. I love sports...big football fan! I dig movies and hearing new music!!