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Dec 21, 2007
LOL :) hey man thanx for the kind words. As to what you were saying well it's just that i see your die hard reggae fan but i'm chuffed that you liked it anyway m8. Funnily enough i am just producing a reggae fusion track now!. I'm using some sizzla samples if you've ever heard of him , it's a tune dedicated to jah herb which is where i get my inspiration from. peace bro and have a good x-mas!
Dec 12, 2007
Hey mang :) checkin out the new art ,looking good . I've got a new tune on my page might not be your cup of tea tho LOL ,, please give it a listen if you got a moment . peace
Oct 06, 2007
fantastic song More to it:)
Sep 22, 2007
easy zgru howz it goin ? hope all is well anywayz ....hey got some new pics up on my page ;)
Sep 05, 2007
va voir mon nouveau compte sur www.soundclick.com/ppbdj avec un nouveau profil plus anonyme ou je t'inviterais...passe de bons moments sur terre le lion
Sep 05, 2007
"très à l'ouest" ha ha .... crazy like you kisses haldy:)
Aug 28, 2007
the music clean my mind...always:)) you are my sunshine:) my angelic friend ps. we have the same mood working...lol kiss you haldy what is mind... "Très à l'ouest..."
Aug 22, 2007
juuust miss yooou my friend i read your mood mmm....:) in your mind, in your soul... Let the music take control!!!!!!! love you haldy:)
Aug 20, 2007
ha ha yesterday i made photo with angels and me and today i make fun with myself..lol:) i really crazy girl your choice of music is fantasic:) i hope you are great much,much love and big angel smile for you my friend:) haldy
Aug 17, 2007
hey, nothing is new at my side of the story. Just work, work and work I probably going to club tonight since its friday night.... how about urself?.. take care XXX