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Project (x) Aug 3, 2011
Project(x) I challenge each and every musician/band/artist in the U.S. and abroad to write a letter(song) to our leaders, as I have done with the' We The People 'song and video.... if you don't write, you are more than welcome to "cover" my song, or simply put my lyrics on your own music.......as long as you agree to the terms. This project's goal is to get as many artist's together as possible to record a (letter/song) and ALL post at the same time...just before elections 2012 Simple folks...write your letter/song, record it, put it away..tell others to do the same Together We will blow the doors off of The White House and remind them that "WE ARE THE PEOPLE" and the power is ours!!!! More to come...stay tuned and start writing them letters! P e a c e Sincerely, concerned citizen