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mike stewart
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pleasanton, ca  USA Joined February 2007
Inconsolable music lover of various genres. Electric Gear: 1983 - Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe 1997 March (HC) - Fender Prosonic custom head/speaker cabs 1999 Sept (JI) - Fender Blues Junior, Billm mods, Hellatone 30, Weber Beam Blocker. 2005 - Carvin MTS 3200 Combo 2007 July - Carvin Bolt Acoustic Gear: Taka 6-string, Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking pickup Martin D-16 RGT custom 6-string Yamaha FG-460S-12A 12-string Jullian 1973 classical 6-string Lark In The Morning Banjo 5-string ********************************* Regarding uploading of cover songs: ===from SC Support=== Hello, You can go ahead and upload your cover songs as long as you do not sell them, place them in one of the "Cover Songs" subgenres, and give the original songwriter full credit. Thank you. Sincerely, PTH III support@soundclick.com ==end http://board.soundclick.com/viewTopic.php?t=243638