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@visible (the noeis)
Detroit, MI  USA Joined December 2006
I am a poet/writer, graphic and web designer, activist and mentor empowering my local communities one day at a time. I attend college. I come from the big town of Detroit, Mi where injustice is present but invisible to the masses. I love to read and write. I hope to one day become an urban planner and teacher in order to reconstruct urban areas like Detroit, Chicago, and Africa. I have performed poetry in many venues across the states. I host a weekly open mic called "WORDS THAT GO BOOM!"
Dear Mr. Revolution, Oct 11, 2008
Dear Mr. Revolution, Mr. Revolution, why'd you put ur gun down and stop shootin'? Ur Marley without guitar without dem bullets U shot not deputy but faced persecutors Their judgment jeopardized ur whole future Angry temperament too quick to pull the trigger Live wires can't fit as societal members Choosin' acceptance in exchange 4 ur weapon Tradin' a hell battle 4 a taste of heaven No more rallyin', no bustin' your clip No more standin' in the trenches in knee-high piss Ur tryin' to live without risk Like men with condoms in their back pockets U once defended those who can't escape high risk Tellin' girls a knee to the nuts is great protection U no longer serve the proletariat Sellin' out ur duty like concert tickets