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jennifer jones
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Fayetteville, NC  USA Joined November 2006
i like art, books, anime, manga and music. currently writing my own manga stories. ^_^
todays news Sep 12, 2007
hey, ppl. its been a while, yes, but i have finally decided to put something up. go look at my following pgs: https://www.myspace.com/nephrysdarkwater https://appstate.facebook.com/profile.php?id=643551386 https://nephrys.imeem.com/ https://youtube.com/profile?user=nephrys (watch itachi, itachi, itachi, . . . ) i know u guys hear it all the time, but, plz comment!! any of u watched ouran hs host club? whens the 2nd season comin? >-< ps-anime fans (or otakus for those of us who know what an otaku is), go watch kiba on veoh.com or youtube.com. its REALLY awesome!