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Yermo, CA  USA Joined November 2006
Bands To listen to and great writers and artist on SC May 25, 2009
AmenBirdmen D.Kaul - VMP 07- VMP USA- Breet Service- Gordan Larson- HaleyOliver-- Cary Mcdonald -- ElectricShadow -- --- Jiri Hajek-- Kurty 2006--- Jonsson-- The Dove tails- Softsound- Lisa Steinberg- Russ deane- Rodrica Rudge- Take No Glory- Zeph Daniel- Simicah- Jolee- Arual Assult- Nova Saturn- Digital Aura- Saccharide - NMusic- Ekaterina- David Kraus- Sam Bell- Natalie- Pat Logan- Olivia Cornell- Anielka- Limmo- Michael W. Burgess- Lisa-- Djalexbaldo-- Kayla Kavanagh-- Kovacsovics Fruzsina-- Kurt Lewis Neufer- Vallesca--- Alesya-- Solar Dream Light Machine--- Jeffry Scott Band-- These are the artist that have made the biggest impression on me on this site, they are in no order of favorit just my list. The 4 top bands that are rock and hit makers are 1.Amen Birmen 2.Gretchen 3.The Riverman Project 4..Wooden Nickle