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ty fire
BC, Canada Joined June 2003
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Jun 01, 2011
Yo wassup bro, i knew it was you already my Barker lol. Good looking on the new name though,i like it. Yeah man it's been a while because the last time i remember me, you, and shadow had just started up "The coalition" then we all just went our own ways lol. I still sometimes (Very rarely) hear from shadow he isn't making much music recently. Anyways man thanks for coming through and showing some love on my new track, i still rmember and still have some of the tracks me and you done on my page :) Peace! B-Mize
Jun 10, 2009
was good? good sh***
Oct 01, 2008
Aye, thanks for the add fam. Be sure to check the page from time to time. Peace.
Mar 16, 2008
Check out my new single "A Bad Boy". Let me know what you think. I'm open for collabos.