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Overland Park, KS  USA Joined September 2006
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May 01, 2012
Yo, I noticed you had me on your radio list. I moved my stuff to www.soundclick.com/ezejezus or follow me on twitter @EzeJezus
Nov 30, 2011
Totally revamped all the songs on my page to awesome quality music with awesome production! Check me out!
Mar 26, 2011
Check out my new track "The Virus" you wont be disappointed.
Dec 26, 2010
All this talent on one page. Good job.
Dec 03, 2010
My new song is under a new station but on my same soundclick page just in case your wondering. And every new song will be added to that station "New Ish" and I will make sure every song in that station will be of top notch quality!
Dec 03, 2010
Hey man. Just posted a new exclusive soundclick song "You Won't Be Able to Speak" on my page. This time, with better quality equipment. Its currently a free download so check it out!
Aug 02, 2010
Thanks for the add..
Aug 02, 2010
Check my music out
Jul 16, 2010
peeeeeeeep tha Playaz $ociety Page & my page : ) http://www.soundclick.com/playazsociety -- http://www.soundclick.com/bubbins
Jun 24, 2010
Hey guys. Check out my first Youtube video. It's a song called The Cathedral and is my first Youtube video ever! Here's the link. http://www.youtube.com/user/CaviusTheGreat