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Dave Wolfs Robe
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Idyllwild, CA  USA Joined August 2006
Wolfs Robes music is composed and inspired by nature and the Spirit that surrounds him, from the days of long ago to present day "We hear the echo’s of time", says Wolfs Robe, within the haunting sounds of various Native American wood flutes and even more ancient bone and river cane flutes, Wolfs Robe takes listeners on a magical journey where they are sure to find that tranquil spot within the depths of themselves. Wolfs Robe always begins with an explanation of the song so that it brings to life what listeners are hearing. The origin of the song is very important. Says Wolfs Robe, each song is composed in the moment and the Spirit that each song takes on is a reflection of the surroundings. "It becomes more than just solo flute music inspired by our natural world. It is part of one's personal life and the human interest of the journey or music to live by". Wolfs Robe performs Native American style flute music that celebrates tradition and the reverence for the earth. Performing on Native American style flutes, his repertoire is deeply respectful of the Legacy of his ancestors. Influenced by many other Native American flute performers, his performances of original compositions and traditional music weave delicate melodies into the landscape with improvisation and the sounds of nature. Wolfs Robe’s work was showcased in the National Parks service 2006 DVD on “Devils Tower Americas first National Monument” also in the 2005 DVD “The Early History of the Illinois Indians”