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Yvonne Bertrand
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Midland, TX  USA Joined May 2003
LIFE AT sOUNDcLICK Aug 23, 2017
I came to be a sound click Chic May 2003 I had been writing my little songs for a while I can't believe I have had a site here for 14 years and I love sound click t I had no tracks to sing with when I first joined So i would sing along with my keyboard...or my karaoke CD's A good friend taught me how to make music files..I met Harry Todd (the git picker) and he let me record his midi files to sing with I met Jerry on line and he asked me to sing harmony with a song he had written and we recorded a few songs and had a Cd made I think it was made for us by Mp3 ,com which didn't last long I lost touch with Jerry after a while and joined Sound Click where I met a lot of folks there .my songs were not that good but I uploaded them and cringed every time somebody played one...then at a friends suggestion Band in the Box 11 and I was on my way I didn't know a lot about how to work the BBB but I knew chords and keys So i started making music tracks for my songs Then I got help from other artist who would make the tracks for my songs as co writers Well that's my story ! do notice that we have new members joining up so it would ne a good idea if some of us older members play their music and get acquainted..Maybe Sound click might let us have a forum again... It would give us a place to Socialize,, Well this is my story and if you would like to visit me just look me up at my music page WWW,Sound click.com/Vonee Rose Music you can message me here also