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USA Joined June 2006
A lot of you want to know who is JoRob and what makes JoRob tick. At a very young age JoRob had to become a man. Growing up in a single parent household after his father was murdered in cold blood he was left with his 2 brothers sister and mother to take care of. Not having the time to live the life of an average teenager because JoRob had to help make ends meet. Seeing the tears fall from each and everyone of his family's eyes was the most painful thing he has ever experience. JoRob Gets a lot of his strength, determination & Loving personality from his mother. The reason JoRob's skin is so tough is because he has watch his mother raise all of her children including him even when her back was against the wall and when his family thought there would be no meal to eat, no Christmas to have presents, or another year to live. JoRob's mother always found a way. JoRob has lived all over the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area. One thing JoRob's mother stressed was a good education and a positive environment to learn in. Every morning at 4:30am JoRob and His family had to travel from South West D.C rain, sleet, or snow to commute to Virginia Schools and Not make it back to DC till 10pm or 11pm to wake right back up for another day. From these past experiences JoRob believes there is no room for failure no matter what. Everything that JoRob does is to better himself and get him to the next step in his music career. Can't nothin bring him down! JoRob wants to give a big thanks to u