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Greg Bradburn
CARY, NC  USA Joined June 2006
I am a software engineer by trade with a multitude of hobbies and interests including amateur astronomy, hunting, fishing, shooting, gaming, reading, watching tv and movies and of course, music. I started taking violin lessons in 3rd grade but switched to piano in 6th grade. I taught myself to play guitar, drums, bass and take a stab at singing. My home studio is comprised of the following: Sonar X1 on an i7 Windows 7 machine with 4GB of ram and few TB of disk space. M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio interface. Yamaha DTXPLORER electric drum kit. Taylor 310CE acoustic guitar. Washburn G5 electric guitar. Washburn bass guitar. Various percussion instruments including a cajone and djembe.
My Music
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