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Steve Andrews
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Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra, None  Portugal Joined May 2003
I am a green-bearded Bard!
Bard of Ely, whose real name is Steve Andrews, comes from Cardiff in Wales but moved to Tenerife in 2004 and subsequently to Portugal in 2014. Bard of Ely is a singer-songwriter, an author, a poet, a compere, photographer and artist. Bard of Ely was the compere for the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury Festival twice and also performed on several occasions as a singer-songwriter, as well as doing the same at the Green Man Festival. Bard of Ely's song You're a Liar, Nicky Wire, was rave reviewed in NME and fronted the Taffia EP on Crai Records. Bard of Ely's song Sound of One was used in Family Affairs on Channel 5. Bard of Ely was a presenter of In Full View on BBC Choice and he has appeared on many other TV programs. In 2016 he successfully got through the Britain's Got Talent auditions and will be auditioning before the judges in 2017.
My Hub Pages May 4, 2008
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