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Sherwood Blunt
@He's not a monster.
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Dec 17, 2012
Have a great Christmas, all the best!
Aug 23, 2012
Nice track man Holy Grail is the bomb!
Jul 19, 2011
yo whats up check out my new remix homicide http://www.soundclick.com/player/bandradio_player.cfm?bandid=1189231&q=hi
Jan 05, 2011
Thats good looks man, I appreciate it, Ima check ur stuff out, u gotta keep em coming, u got sum gems.
Aug 04, 2010
man i kno i was surprised wen it went that high, ha. But eh, that "use ur gifts" is flowing tho, hella nice drum patterns, especially wit dat windy fx goin on, thats real nice. i listened to the one above that wit the arcade sounds...haha dope man, da bass drum is bumpin. hit me wit sum mo of dat. keep creatin bruthaman!!
Jul 08, 2010
eh ur stuffs gettin real nice, heard the first three and now I gotta get back in the lab, haha. been playing wit dat Reason and now fruity loops is sounding so obsolete, ha. ur mixtape should be dope if u keep at it.
Apr 22, 2010
o yea, check out that guy JolliRancherMAn, he's in my fans part. He's filthy gutta nasty raw.lol.
Apr 22, 2010
Was good mayne, mofo's havin birthdays n sh*t.haha. ur a grown ass man now. Jackhammer's filthy tho, put that in the bank. That Special Place is ridiculous, definitely READY for an indie film, or a videogame. Did you know I been bumpin ur dads sh*t for months now and I didnt even know! hahahahah. F*ckn Black Mage Village are you serious!? wow.crazy. you got his sound too my dude.
Oct 30, 2009
Thanks for the add! Take care, Rodz
Oct 24, 2009
Thanks for the friend request ~Nefa~