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Alex Adusei
Buffalo, NY  USA Joined March 2006
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Oct 26, 2015
Need beats? Gradozero┬┤s new instant store is now available. You can enjoy yourself every week listening to our new sounds on www.gradozerobeats.com. Check it out !!
Jul 16, 2014
ayo fam ..im really feelin ya prices ...I might have to drop 50 or 75 to finnish my mixtape... ill get at ya wit times...check out my tracks ....esp GOT THE REAPER ON MY TOP.....BANG BANG.... N HOLLA AT YA BOY THO.....THERES MORE ..BUT THEY PUT ME INN THE TWO PUT ME INN THE TOP 20S ...N HOLLA AT YA BOY THO ...RANKD ME AT 8......GIME FEEDBACK......GOODsh*** BTW
Jun 28, 2012
good look on the support i need all i can get this mix tgm is free so keep checking on ya boy
Sep 29, 2011
thank s for the love and support and the fan page on face book is up and running,and check me on youtube oblivionboutmymillions
May 09, 2011
thank you my bro add you as a fan
May 04, 2011
Thanks for being a fan
Apr 29, 2011
Apr 17, 2011
Good sh*** bruh, keep grindin and workin hard, check out my track when u get a chance, we myt need to collabo! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=10521421
Apr 08, 2011
And thanks for U too because for adding comments and all other addings... Man Keep up the music production.. it's very nice to get comments like you sended... Thx. Have a nice weekend !
Apr 03, 2011
Hi There ! Thanks for the friend request. Love the beatz and will be talkin to you soon about leasing or purchasing some. Great work ! Joanne