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Nottinghamshire  United Kingdom https://www.digitalrtistsworldwide.com Joined March 2003
I'm a UK based electronic music producer and have been creating & releasing music on the internet since 2001.
I create electronic music across multiple genres for 10 different artists, all part of Spyda Music Productions. Everything released by Spyda Music Productions is available on various mp3 streaming & download sites including SoundClick, Digital Artists Worldwide, Soundcloud, MP3U, Producer Base, YouTube & others. All music is copyright Spyda Music Productions with copyright, licensing and publishing permissions of the different companies & sound package producers. Spyda Music Productions has numerous albums, EPs & individual tracks available to stream, buy & download here at SoundClick. A lot of the music is FREE to download EXCLUSIVELY for SoundClick members. Please search on SoundClick to hear the music from any of my artists as listed below: - Adam Yips - https://soundclick.com/AdamYips Clive-aka-Spyda - https://soundclick.com/CLIVEakaSPYDA Carl Gordon - https://soundclick.com/carlgordon Dimension 5 - https://soundclick.com/Dimension5 ElectrO-NIK-MoodZ - https://soundclick.com/ElectrONIKMoodZ Latin Flava - https://soundclick.com/latinflava Taurus Project - https://soundclick.com/TaurusProject That Man - https://soundclick.com/ThatMan The Mysterious Funker - https://soundclick.com/TheMysteriousFunker ZeveN - https://soundclick.com/ZeveN Spyda Music Productions is proud to be associated with Digital Artists Worldwide Digital Artists Worldwide at SoundClick - https://soundclick.com/DigitalArtistsWorldwide Digital Artists Worldwide - www.digitalartistsworldwide.com Spyda Music Productions at Soundcloud - https://www.soundclick.com/member/default.cfm?memberID=243574 Your support of all my music productions is genuinely appreciated. Thank you, Clive.
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Dec 24, 2022
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Clive. And you were right, some of my stuff is too overdriven, I've been trying to improve on that. God Bless, Much Love, Jesus Oldman
Jul 22, 2022
Clive thank you so much for the visit & kind words. loving "The Lovers". Excellent work!
Mar 30, 2020
Welcome to my Soundclick page. I'll be uploading music from my many artist personas & I produce under many genres. I hope you enjoy my music. Please feel free to leave a few words, but be respectful at all times. "Listen Without Prejudice"