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T-pain's "Autotune" sound is not the "TALKBOX" Feb 19, 2008
I dont know why cats be sayin they talkboxin when they actually using the Autotune PC software. Not hating just correcting ; ) Autotune: A Computer drivin software effect used to automatically correct and tune the pitch of ones off note and voice. To use it Just record your voice in or out of tune and then run it through the software and presto! Your T-Pain! The First actually known user of Autotune was Cher. After Long hours in the studio working on her track "Do you believe in love" (1998) Her frustrated Producers & Engineers suggested that she use Autotune Production Software. To correct her many pitch and tone vocal errors on the track, to save all the 're-take' time. 'Well'... that should give you an idea of its initial use and the reason for its creation. Most common users: T-Pain, Cher, Janet Jackson, Enrique Eglesias and most recently Snoop dogg on his latest hit "Sexual Eruption"... which i think sounds pretty cool, Its easy to use, and could possibly make a frogs croak sound as great as Alicia Keys or Usher at the apollo theatre ; ) (No offence to Alicia or Usher) Dont get me wrong the Autotune sound is'nt too bad...its just a tad bit cheezy to say that its the TalkBox because if you know the Difference, skill is a big factor between the Two! Talkbox: A Guitar/KeyBoard Pedal Effect (And the Best sounding effect compared to the Vocalizer and Autotune IMO) runs from the Pedal output to the keyboard or guitar input. There's a tube linked to the TB pedal that leads to your mouth to transmit the keyboard/guitar sound. And that is where the Robotic sound effect is shaped, worded, and fheard. And Yes there is alot of skill involved! The TB Unlike the Autotune was made basically as a sound effect. The TB is Made Famous by Roger Trouman (of the group Zapp & Roger). He is the most well known R&BTalkboxer (in my opinion) apart from rock great Peter Framton and motown's R&B legend Stevie Wonder. Roger Troutman is best known for his TB hook on 2pacs "California Love" and " Thug Passion" track, he had already gained his own star spotlight prior to that with his TalkBox hits "Doo wa ditty""I wanna be your Man", "More Bounce", "Computer Love" and "HeartBreaker". He also did alot of collabs with artists such as H-town, Jodeci, Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat, Joe, Eric Sermon, Immature, Nu Flavor and others. His TB sound is featured either on the Hook or adlibed throughout the tracks.. If u ain't heard of him or your just interested look him up on Google. His style is second to none!!! The TB is also made famous by R&B & HipHop artists such as, Dj Quik, Dj Battlecat, Teddy Riley- Blackstreet, Donnell Jones, Devante Swing, Dj Fredwreck, and Dance/Pop acts such as Chromeo, and Daft Funk. So peeps... now you know. Talkbox and Autotune are 2 seperate things! To those of you soundclick artists who use autotune and claim that its theTB... Please, Dont get it twisted... Be Real Dont insult your listeners, or real TB users such as myself by sayin your using the TB on your tracks when you ain't. Roger Troutman Would be rolling over in his grave... Peace P.s I use the Talkbox on my track "Sprung (So into you)" for you to check ou how it really sounds!!