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Oct 25, 2008
Hello Musical Journey, How are you ? I just stopped by to say hello... I have a new version of "Darlin" call "I Truly Love You Darlin". It turned out differently, sort of 60's Pop, Wishing you and yours a Wonderful weekend, :) Kurt
Feb 19, 2008
Thanks for your friendship. All the best
Feb 16, 2008
Hello Pinky, first of all thank you for the friend request and thank you for the nice message and for adding three of my songs to your station. I am very pleased that you enjoyed my music. Please stop by anytime. Best regards your friend The Woodman
Feb 16, 2008
Hi Pinky! It was so great to read your note on my board today. It always makes me feel good to think that someone is enjoying the things I've put up on my site. YES, there is a LOT of artwork, and we probably haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what's out there, eh? But I must say that these are some that have stood the tests of time through my "senior moments" and sometimes hazy memories. :-) I look forward to exploring more of your station listings also. Everytime I log onto my S/C page, I feel like a miner getting ready to go prospecting for pure, solid gold. :-) And there are some very rich viens in these here hills! Golden years, golden memories golden songs...hey, it works for me. ;-) I also really like your ID artwork for your page...it's so cool, peaceful and soothing. And the horses are an extra plus too! :-) Take good care until next time...Terri (PS. I've added some special horses to my page, if you'd like to take a peek at them... :-)
Dec 22, 2007
Just dropping by to wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year best wishes Joe Galea
Nov 28, 2007
Thanks for the add Peter
Nov 25, 2007
Hi, Thanks a lot for friendship and adding our song to your station. Have a great week. Ole
Nov 14, 2007
Thank you for stopping by my site and I'm glad you enjoy my music. keep in touch (love the country songs!) regards Joe
Oct 20, 2007
Hi Thanks for adding my songs to your station and for the friends add i'm glad to be here! Stay in touch and have a great weekend. Danny
Oct 19, 2007
Gorgeous music! Thank you for the add!