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Tolgar Canli
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Brooklyn, NY  USA soundclick.com/m/202728 Joined August 1997
Co-founder SoundClick. I love my job and realize how fortunate I am. Liker of music and animals, creativity seeker, solver of problems. That and other stuff.
SoundClick Co-Founder. I grew up in Germany, and started SoundClick in 1997 together with my twin brother Tanju. After bouncing around coasts and continents I'm back in NYC. Loving it!! A drawback of loving your job is that you spent too much time working. But I love my Xbox, movies with good writing and/or directing, brunch w/ Bloody Mary, attending live concerts or the occasional art exhibition. Wish I had the time to actually make music again. Someday. Ps: Please do not post on my page for assistance. All support issues should be sent to support@soundclick.com. Our staff is the best in the world, and can hopefully help you quickly.
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Atmospheric trip-hop.
Ooooh, I like this song! There's also a video of this track on the artist page.
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