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Chris Volak
USA Joined September 2005
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Oct 11, 2007
hey chris--thanks for the messages; ridiculous as it may seem, it means a lot to hear from folks like yourself. your recordings are an inspiration--beautiful sound, excellent playing--a pleasure to hear. time is always the problem, no? well, in any case, we all try to keep on. thanks again. mh
May 09, 2007
Hey Chris, thanks for posting the link to "Canopy Lane" on the Acoustic forum here at soundclick. I am doing the radio maintenance this month on the acoustic site so I have been listening to everyone's stuff. Really enjoyed your song. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that it was my pleasure to add it to the radio station but mostly it was my pleasure to listen. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind comments you left on the radio site. If you are interested in taking the duties for a month one of these days please let me know, it's truly a blast and well worth the 1/2 hour a day to keep it up. Take care Bro and keep playing the beautiful music... BSR