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Morten Malvik
Norway Joined August 2005
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Apr 08, 2012
Hello Morten, is your Terminator theme legal to download?
Jan 09, 2011
Hi! I just wanted to thank you. For what? For the wonderful, magical music you compose. I really enjoy your tracks every time I listen to them. It brings me somewhere else, deep in my mind, it inspires me. I love especially 'Hymne'. I don't know why, I just can't tell. But when I heard the first note I've been captivated. That track accompanied me during the first "broken heart" period of my life and comforted me. With its simplicity, its pureness, 'Hymne' touched me deep inside. And that’s why I wanted to thank you: your music helped me make it through. So keep up the excellent work and never give up that natural talent you’ve got because I think it would be a loss for the world! Janie
Aug 07, 2010
peace Morten, just stopped by to say hi & low, : - ) seemed like the things 2 say. music excellent. keep up the good. bBlsd bWl pRr
May 24, 2010
here u go, a small sample of what the broken code reveals : - ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY0ikXCnyQA hope it was ok to do a temp. chop on the masterpiece...BL&D. let me know what u think. luv that song. i hope i have time to finish : - )
May 16, 2010
peace my friend, been a while, but it seems u r alwz with me in song : - ) started adding some words to BL&D... tis a long one with a lot of emotion. some excellent mood swings and passion which is so well expressed. properly placed words are a real task... keep up the good stuff and have an excellent week. thanks always tom bBlsd bWl pRr
Sep 18, 2009
peace Morton, stopped by again to hear "Between Light And Darkness - Original Score" stunning !!! you really do some epic work. luv it !!! thnx always...
May 29, 2009
hey, my band has a show coming up really fast so it would be cool if you could answer the questions that I sent you =)
May 21, 2009
Hey morten, Our band finally got midi working it sounds amazing everything we hoped it would be but there are a few problems that I have some questions about. It seems like everytime we have something figured out something else goes wrong. When we have Miroslav opened and we are playing every once in a while the program will hold out the note. What can we do to fix this? When we play live that would really suck lol. The soundcard we have is firebox but I don't know if that is the problem or not. The hanging note is the main problem as of now but it would also be nice if we knew how to assign keys on Miroslav. Each setting has it's own keys it is assigned to and it would be much easier if you could just pick which keys and do that yourself. Sorry for always bothering you about midi but it is kind of a massive headache and I don't know who else knows this better then you. How are things going for you? What have you been up to?
Feb 10, 2009
peace Morten, finally got ps77 w/"The Love Theme" posted. not sure i like to record. once a song is posted, i sing them a little less frequently... been a pleasure working on this one. i hope u like this version of song : - ) thnx so much. have a good week. catch u a little later. chk ur email.... bBlsd bWl pRr
Jan 27, 2009
Hei Morten! Takk for kommentarene. :) Mikser selv,men har mye å lære..Mesteparten av lydene jeg bruker foruten gitarene er fra east west,de er stereo multi samplet,lydene passer som regel godt inn som de er så jeg trenger ikke å stille så mye.. Ha en fin uke! :)