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Dennis Bonam
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Netherlands Joined July 2005
The alias 'Faro' is derived from my third name 'Rufaro' and reflects my African descend. It also is a tribute to the beautiful shores of Faro, Portugal. A place, like many other beautiful shores in the world, that inspires me while making Ambient/Lounge and Downtempo music. At age 17, I started experimenting with music on my computer, using nothing but VST plug-ins and some old samples. Discovering different genres, from R&B to Rock, I soon embarked the fascinating soundscapes of the Lounge world. Influenced by great artists/producers like Rue de Soleil, Patrick O'hearn, Afterlife and Pat Metheny I have reached a very personal style with roots in both Lounge and R&B. Genre, however, is a boundless conception and expands beyond that what is familiar. Every soundscape is different, with different images and emotions coloring its realm. What I try to produce is a fine, soothing setting to ease the restless spirit. I hope my songs will inspire, intrigue and evokes the mind and soul.. Faro