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Steve Mulhern
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Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Joined July 2005
Welcome to my page, please feel free to listen to both my music and that of my talented friends. You are very welcome to leave a message / feedback on my page. I am a guitar teacher and guitarist / composer from the Tyne & Wear area of England. I enjoy creating music in a variety of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, classical style, big band and even some orchestral music. I have a fairly simple home recording set-up using a Mackie Spike & Traktion recording software. My main instrument is guitar: I mainly use a Yamaha SG1000 electric, a Yamaha APX 9 nylon strung, a Line 6 Variaxe and a Flambeau acoustic...which I have recently found out was designed by George Lowden. Although I play electric guitar too, my preferred style is acoustic - I particularly like the nylon strung guitar sound, as it gives me much more freedom of expression.