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Pat Price
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San Antonio, TX  USA Joined April 2005
Bio of Double P Born in Newark, NJ to an inspirational mother and four brothers. His father was not present to give him the manly guidance needed. Having four brothers who were into DJing and martial arts, gave him the male figures he needed to become who Double P is now. Double P was introduced to music from birth. His mother a listener of gospel, blues, R&B, and soul. His brothers would play records at home all the time. This is when he became familiar with his now idols like Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Al Green, Luther Vandross, and many more. Double P was fascinated by the music he heard and seeing his brothers prepare to DJ parties. From then on he knew music was what he wanted to do. At the age of 5, Double Ps brothers started to grow into men and began venturing out to better their lives, rather the staying on block at Grafton Ave. This is one of Newarks roughest projects. Two out of the four brothers departed to the military while the other two stayed behind. Growing up with two of his brothers gone, one in and out of trouble with the law, and one going off to college left him feeling abandoned, as it had done in the past when his father left. The only one left for Double P to look to for guidance was the love of his mother. The love of music didnt stop when his brothers left. His mom kept the flame burning inside him. Double P stayed in touch with his brothers during the impressionable years of growing up. With one brother in Texas and one in Hawaii, who was responsible for creating Double P? In 1988 during a trip to visit his older brother DJ Love, in Hawaii, double P was taught how to DJ. That summer Double P, at a young age, learned the side of the DJ business, all the way from making mix tapes to production and promotion. Taking what he learned in Hawaii, Double P went home to try and start his own DJ service. Preparing to enter high school, Double P knew that music would be his escape from the hood, and became more serious about becoming not only a DJ but an MC. During his high school career, Double P was then introduced to poetry by a school teacher, who ran the school paper. She came to him one day asking him if he was interested in working for the paper. Of course he accepted, and from there he developed a love for writing stories, articles, and poetry for the paper. During this endeavor he found how impressed his peers were with his work by the many compliments and interest people showed in him. This caused Double P to take his writings and poetry in a new and exciting direction straight to Rapping.
Double P On Reverbnation.com Oct 26, 2010